Stolen Childhood / Enfance Volée – A documentary on child protection

Crianças a torto e a Direitos

Texto publicado site Terre des homes no dia 20 de Novembro de 2012.

Published by Christian Vergara

In a film shot in October 2010 in Burkina Faso, Mary Clapasson lets the Talibe children (beggars) express themselves, as well as the little domestic maids and those children working in the stone and gold quarries. This 27-minute film, produced in collaboration with Terre des hommes, shows perfectly the daily lives of the thousands of children exploited in the worst forms of labour.

Terre des hommes works to get these children out of the quarries by proposing alternatives in a socio-economic context where the work of children is accepted and necessary for the survival of thousands of families. Tdh supports these families so that their children can get schooling and in this way pursue a new future.

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